turquoise turtle

A Passion for Pearls Turtle Bracelet

According to Chinese mythology the Phoenix, Unicorn, Dragon and Turtle are the most sacred animals. Of them all, the turtle is the only one living today. As one of the animals that has endured longest on earth, the turtle is considered as a symbol of wisdom, endurance, wealth and long life.

turquoise turtle

It is believed that the back of the turtle represents the World and the shell of the turtle has markings of heaven and earth and also the roof of the universe. The Chinese believe that this animal has the secret of heaven and earth within its body.

Turtles have remained the same for million of years, they rarely die from diseases and can go without food for over a year.  Their long survival in the animal kingdom makes people believe that these creatures have the supernatural powers.

These magical, mystical properties of the Turtle make them the ideal signature piece for A Passion for Pearls.  Because of my mix of Chinese and Western heritage, I respect Chinese traditions and beliefs and am honoured to have the Turtle represent longevity and endurance for A Passion for Pearls.  May our Turtle Bracelet bring you good health and good luck!

turquoise turtle bracelet

Turquoise Turtle Bracelet


A Passion for Pearls

How To Tell If Your Pearls Are Real or Fake

A Passion for Pearls

I’m often asked how to tell if pearls are real or fake.  There are many ways to scientifically prove this however it’s expensive to go through all the professional tests.  Here are some simple ways to quickly tell if the pearls in your hand are real or fake.  Just click on the link below to view this very informative video.

Real or Fake?


pearly pet cat

Pearly Pets @ A Passion for Pearls!

I’ve just launched a weekly competition to find the best looking Pearly Pet of the Week for my A Passion for Pearls Facebook page! 

Here is the first photo I’ve received – this one is of Agatha in a classic strand of pearls.  She is currently residing in Maryland, USA so A Passion for Pearls is definitely going global!

Agatha from Monrovia, USA

Agatha from Monrovia, USA


freshwater black pearl necklace

Little Feet Taking Big Steps – Stillbirth Foundation Ball

So proud to be sponsoring the Stillbirth Foundation at their

Great Gatsby Ball this Saturday 3rd November 2012


This stunning peacock blue necklace is the special Stella Bear Raffle Prize donated by A Passion for Pearls.

black pearl necklace

A Passion for Pearls black pearl necklace

Support this worthwhile cause and make difference to the lives of loving parents to be.