Celebrate A Passion for Pearls!

A Passion for Pearls business philosophy: To provide fabulous pearls and leather jewellery at reasonable prices with reliable, friendly service at all times.

I have a passion for pearls that started when I was a little girl, watching my mother choose from numerous beautiful pearl necklaces to provide the perfect finishing touch to her daytime and evening outfits.  I loved it when she allowed me to play with her pearl necklaces and bracelets.  Here is one of my favourite photos of my parents – on their wedding day showing the lovely pearls my Mother and her Maid of Honour wore for that very special occasion.

wedding, pearls

Mum & Dad’s Wedding Hong Kong 1952

I grew up in Hong Kong (also known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient) with my Chinese mother and English father. My early memories are of outings with my mother and my ‘aunties’ – all of whom dressed so elegantly.  They would discuss everything under the sun, always so animated, laughing and joking with their easy banter and yet, all I could concentrate on, as a little girl, was how beautifully their jewellery dressed  up their look … and always with so many pearls!

Mum in pearls

Mum in her pearls and me

Fast forward several decades and I am now an Image Consultant, Career & Life Coach and Facilitator. My work has taken me from Hong Kong to London, Singapore and now Sydney.  Projecting a polished image and maintaining high integrity while working with clients are top values for me.


Presenting at the Reinvent Your Career Expo

While living in Singapore I also set up a small business importing and retailing cultured freshwater pearls and since moving to Sydney I’ve missed the pleasure of handling lovely jewellery on a daily basis, playing with pearls.  Hence the launch of A Passion for Pearls – a celebration of my passion for pearls!

I am always in search of the latest and most interesting designs and also create my own designs to suit a variety of tastes.  In keeping with my early experiences, I believe pearls can be so much a ‘Mummy – Daughter’ experience.  My own daughters are now in their mid-20’s, one is a Fashion Stylist in London, the other an Account Manager for a PR & Events company in Sydney.  Their valuable input ensures I provide designs that keep on trend with today’s fashion favourites as well as appealing to traditional tastes.

I look forward to sharing with you my love of pearls and beautiful pieces of jewellery that will bring you much pleasure every day, for every occasion!